The Next Big Thing in Cool Custom Controllers

A standard white and black Xbox controller works fine, however, there’s nothing better than having a custom Xbox controller which you can design as per your interests. Surely, customizing your controller will not play a major role in winning the game, however, it definitely will help you outshine your competitor in style.

You can choose some cool designs and show-off your personality while playing with different people. There are various cool designs and theme categories such as video games, superheroes and premium. You can pick from a variety of amazing designs and make your gaming experience an enjoyable one.

You can get the body, back, bumpers, thumbsticks, skin and almost every part of the controller changed, according to your requirement. You can select any color theme and even get a message or a quote engraved on your controller. Kinetic Controllers offer top quality controllers, which are painted and designed with high quality paint that will not wear off.

Get your hands on some of the best and unique designs as well as some amazing features. The custom controllers that Kinetic offers, can operate on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 as well as Xbox One. They support Bluetooth connectivity and customers are offered with a warranty of one year. Furthermore, if you want any further changes on the controller, you can even purchase various skins for your controller, or even get a custom shell for it.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an Custom Xbox Controller with unique designs, amazing features and which is cheap on the pocket, get yours now from Kinetic Controllers. Your order will be shipped in a week’s time with no shipment charges. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your gaming journey a stylish one, grab yours now!